To Love Through Truth

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The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary’s involvement in education in India dates back to the foundation days of the Institute in 1877, in the Nilgiris. The idea of mass education, for girls of all classes and castes was alien to the ethos of Indian society of the 19th century. However, the efforts of missionaries to bring the benefits of education within the reach of the poorer sections found acceptance in the eyes of several reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Dayananda Saraswathi, who in turn began to advocate formal education for the masses irrespective of caste, creed and gender. It was in this context that our Foundress, Blessed Mary of the Passion encouraged her sisters to set up schools almost wherever they went in India. She ardently believed that education alone could enable Women to take their rightful place in the family and society as equal and respected partners of men. Among the 100s of FMM Institutions, Rosary Convent High School was the last school started by Mother Mary of the Passion. The FMM nuns’ persuasion to send their children to school and cajoling them not to deny their children the benefits of education, bore fruit.

The school started functioning in January1904 with just 60 students in Tamil medium and 50 in English Medium. In due course, Rosary Convent High School achieved name and fame and was recognized in the year 1925. In 2003 the school celebrated it’s Centenary with a yearlong celebration on 26th Jan, 2003and culminated with a Holy Mass and Valedictory Public Function in January, 2004.

Rosary Convent High School is a minority Institution run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary who belong to the Catholic church. The school stands for character formation, academic excellence and the development of mind, soul and body. For almost 120 years, the school has stood the test of time, rendering yeoman service to the society, by nurturing and moulding the lives of scores of young girls and inspiring them to become confident women of the future.


The motto of the school is “To Love Through Truth”. This ideal is set before the pupils, who are trained to face the truth at all times, to live in sincerity and honesty. Thus, their genuineness will lead them to love all and to be loved by all. The teacher-pupil relationship which is fostered in our school is one of love, kindness, firmness, justice, sympathy and respect.


CH: To the glory of God
And the honour of our school
We shall be loyal in work and play
And observe the Golden Rule
We are founded on the Rock
And the Rock is Jesus Christ
Not on sand that will sink with the passing time
We shall always love our school

1. We are taught to aim high,
  To reach for the stars and do our best
  To be honest in work and play
  And leave in God’s hand the rest

2. With a smile on every face
  A wish for the young, a wish for the old
  We treat all equal, that’s the rule
  And that is ROSARY SCHOOL


A School cabinet is the best means of training the girls in leadership, responsibility and governance. Our cabinet consists of the Head Girl, Asst Head Girl, Captains & Vice Captains for the four houses, Secretaries and Joint Secretaries for Sports, Discipline, Literacy Activities, Social Service, Cultural, Environment, Media Information, Communication, Internal & External Competitions. Each leader with the assistance of the class leaders ensures that the school norms are obeyed. Meetings are held regularly over which the Principal or the Supervisors preside.


The emblem envisages the history and purpose behind the establishment of this Institution.

The Ship stands for the journey that we began in 1904 and with faith and confidence, we continue to sail strong.

The Anchor symbolizes the firmness and steadfastness of knowledge imparted to students over the years.

The Mast symbolizes the strong support rendered to steer forward confidently.

The Sail with ‘B’ – Stands for St. Bonaventure, philosopher, educationist and patron saint of all FMM teachers, with his leadership and intellectual contribution.

The Star above the mast symbolizes Jesus and Mary, the guiding light, imbued with Faith, Hope and Charity.

The Rope(warp) stands for binding the Rosary family and spurring it on to Charity, through Truth.

The Sea indicates the environment and trials and tribulations in school life.



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Sr. Anna Mary Tirumala ReddySr. Josephina Komma Reddy



As top priority is given to academics, punctuality, cleanliness and spoken language, the students have to adhere to the following rules strictly.


Pupils should be in school by 8.15 a.m. Assembly to begin at 8.25 a.m. sharp for which attendance is mandatory.

    All Rosarians are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, respectful, polite and speak only in English.

    During study hours, should walk silently in the corridors.

    Should bring books according to the Time Table. Unwanted books or material will be confiscated.

    Visitors or phone calls during class hours are prohibited.

    No tuitions to be taken from Rosary Teachers. Visiting their homes to discuss school matters is strictly not allowed.

    Students are liable to be given a T.C. from school on the grounds of :

      (a) Serious misconduct.

      (b) Intimidating behaviour.

      (c) Attendance lesser than required for promotion.

      (d) Taking part in political activities.

      (e) Showing disinterest in studies and are a negative influence to their classmates.



• Green uniform, white ribbons, socks with green stripes and black shoes.

• P.T. uniform once a week, with white canvas shoes and white socks.

• During winter, only school sweaters are permitted. Other types, if worn, will be confiscated.

• Mehendi is strictly forbidden. Going against this rule, students will have to stay at home till it fades.

• Colouring of hair, fancy hair styles and more than 4 hair pins are not allowed.

• Long hair should be plaited, folded and tied below the ears. Shoulder length hair should be tied in two pony tails. For bobbed hair, white hair band is a must.

•Long nails, nail polish, jewellery of any kind on the neck fingers or arms is not allowed. Long earrings not allowed; however tiny studs can be worn.

•Simple small-dial watches are permitted.


•Unless there are emergencies, students have to come regularly to school especially on the re-opening and closing day. 90% attendance is compulsory for promotion.

• In case leave is taken, a leave application should be furnished the following day.

• No long leave for any reason can be taken without the prior permission of the principal.

• Unless there is an emergency, no child will be granted permission to go home during the class hours.

•In case the student is sick on days of tests and examinations, she should remain at home. No permission will be granted to go home after the tests. The average marks of all the tests appeared for will be considered for promotion.


• Being a Catholic Institution, the first preference is given to Catholics.

• New admissions are taken as per vacancies, and are strictly based on merit, at the discretion of the Principal.

• The child’s original Municipal birth certificate and Aadhar card with clear name and date of birth have to be produced compulsorily at the time of registration.

• Once entered in the records, neither the name, nor the birth date will be changed.


A month’s written notice has to be given to the Principal, before applying for a T.C. if applying after 30th June, the first term fee has to be paid.
T.C. will be issued only after all fee dues are cleared.



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Perfect silence to be maintained.

No other book to be brought to the library.

No book or magazine will be allowed to be taken out of the library, without the librarian’s permission.

Books should be handled with care. If damaged, a fine for the loss will be collected.



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Extra care needs to be taken while using the lab equipment.

Students found mishandling or damaging apparatus or equipment will be heavily fined.


• Leaving school premises during working hours

• Organizing a fun-raising event.

• Long leave from attending school.

• Parents to meet their children or any staff member during school hours.

• Exemption from physical exercise. (Medical certificate required)


• Monitor your child’s performance everyday and help to submit her work on time.

• All communication from school to be acknowledged.

• Attend all Parent-Teacher meetings compulsorily.

• Giving gifts to teachers or any other staff member is not allowed.

• Change of address and phone or mobile no. to be intimated to the school immediately.

• The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any expensive articles, which students are not supposed to bring.

• Only in case of emergency, will the child be sent home. The parent ID Card has to be produced.

Kindly Note failing to conform to the above rules will be considered as a grave infringement of regulation and suitable action will be taken.


I have read all the above rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and all the decisions of the school at all times.

Mother’s signature Father’s signature Student’s signature


Dear Parents,

This handbook provides all information for the successful journey of your ward at Rosary. Therefore, read the instructions thoroughly and acknowledge your daughter’s academic development on a daily basis.
‘Home is the cradle of all values’
The foremost important values to be imbibed in children to be successful are ‘Punctuality & Regularity’. These values go a long way in achieving their goals.

Your encouragement will develop a positive outlook towards revitalizing your child’s academic and co-curricular activities. Our students are groomed to be future citizens, ready to shoulder the responsibility to build a prosperous and peaceful society.
Monitor the content of the social media that your daughter views as it robs them of their innocence and attracts negative influence. Please instruct and motivate your daughter to learn appropriate etiquette as she will reflect them wherever she is.
Let us, therefore, collaborate to set realistic standards and stand by our wards in their efforts to achieve them.

Wishing all the parents a fruitful and successful journey at Rosary.

Yours sincerely,